University at Leoma

University of South Central Tennessee at Leoma.

Leoma is a small town on Lawrence County, Tennessee. Along Rabbit Trail south of Lawrenceburg, there is a fork to the left, east branching, that is at Leoma. There is a US Post Office there, and a certain history. There are still mostly scattered small farms and churches and old cemeteries at those churches.  Dana needed to find a school, with a department that would accept the premise of her paper. Short of assuming that any other “real” history department would consider working with her idea of going against the grain of prevalent view of Civil War and Southern secession causes , as well as an insidious domestic black ops squad, this was the safest way to go – for me and her. This is a fictional institution.

 [This is a work of fiction and any resemblance of names and organizations is purely coincidental.]

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