Dana’s Paper: Control

Dana’s Paper: Control

Actually, this may be the sequel title. There is a history to this. The original screenplay was CONTROL THESIS. Control meant government control. Thesis was the type of paper she wrote, whether for a MA or PhD level, it didn’t matter at the time. She wasn’t a law student, like in Pelican Brief, and Paper Chase, nor was she a spy as in Ipcress File. But, as a reenactor, student of history and a government accountant, she had a research idea that she followed. She was fascinated about the forgotten and ignored history she was finding along with and comparing it to the new data she was turning up on the job at FAO, Washington DC. It was the girl’s research, which thanks to Houston, they had a better idea of what she had written. “How does one quantify wrongdoing?  Count offenses?  That’s all right for, say, quantifying criminal behavior, and we can use some of that data.  However, how does one quantify illegal government wrongdoing?  That is what she was trying to do. There are no elements of acts that can be counted, are there?  If there are, or were, specific acts, who is to know?  They’re secret.  She found a small university that welcomed her effort and agreed to her premise for a master’s project. [This is a work of fiction and any resemblance of names and organizations is purely coincidental.]

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