The unit at the FAO

The unit at FAO

Hank turned to Glen.  “Have you ever heard of SRI?”

“You mean IRS?”

“This is no riddle, Glen,” Hank said.  “SRI.  It stands for SAFETY RESEARCH INSTITUTE.”

“Never heard of it, man.  Where’d you find it?”

                “Haven’t found it yet,” Hank said.  “Just came across a reference, while looking for information on Dana Sweet.” In Washington Dana had no reason to believe what she thought, but it was a result of her observations.  The SRI unit was something other than what they said they were.  No one with whom she worked seemed to care.  To her the SRI was in the FAO building as a base of operations.  This amounted to believing that the SRI, as a unit responsible for FAO Building security, was a cover.  The fact that building security had their own office and department, staffed by uniformed officers, seems to have escaped anyone’s scrutiny.  In fact she did just that.  She asked someone.  She was told that SRI was the security management department.  However, the SRI did not manage the other security department.

            The physical office of the SRI was small and occupied a space of two thousand square feet.   [This is a work of fiction and any resemblance of names and organizations is purely coincidental.]

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