Bad Guys at SRI?

Bad guys: SRI fellows          

They were Phillip Press, Cullman Green, Terry Gaff, and others who Dana had met but didn’t know their names.  They were nice guys.  Phillip Press was their manager and leader. These are the SRI staff I know:

Phillip Press, manager and leader.  Others are Glen Bell, Bill Grander, Harold Springs, Cullman Green, Larry Cole, Terry Graf, MD.  Dana’s family friend Hank Houston quoted Dana Sweet as she had written, “The one thing that I think is safe to say, from what I’ve learned about them and the SRI, is that the SRI existence and the mission of this FAO unit alone may validate my hypothesis.  The men listed above are each and every one of them, individually, killers.” [This is a work of fiction and any resemblance of names and organizations is purely coincidental.] The Doc novel is  available in the Kindle store at

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