Who is Matthew Sweet?

Matthew Sweet owned a chain of tax service offices in the California town of Mudord. He is a captain of a Confederate infantry company in a valley Civil War reenactment organization. He’d been involved with that since 1992. The family had many friends in the reenacting community. While that particular hobby is a larger thing east of the Texas, there are a various twelve to fifteen events in California throughout any given year. These locations range from McCloud near Mt. Shasta, to Vista by San Diego. These events in Nevada City, Sacramento, Fremont, Casa DeFruta, Tres Pinos, Fresno, Mariposa, Knight’s Ferry, Modesto, Visalia, Fort Tejon, Huntington Beach, Moorpark, Prado Park, St. Catherines Anaheim, and others, do not include parades and memorials that are performed between battle events’ dates. The Doc novel is  available in the Kindle store at http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-

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