Conspiracy – Part 1

Conspiracies are a joke in some circles.  In other circles the topic is taken more serious.  There is the assumption of criminal behavior, mostly based on definition alone.  Conspiracy theorists and history buffs are busy.  One and half centuries after the Lincoln assassination conspirators were hanged, new conspiracies are being researched to involve Jefferson Davis’ Confederate administration.  Only a few things are needed: accomplices, partners, and motives.   Yet jurists insist it is still the most difficult of issues to prove.

            The classic of our time is the Warren Commission on the Kennedy assassination.  Related to that is the strange sealing of the various evidence and findings for the future period of fifty years.  This was supposedly in order to protect the Kennedy family in some fashion.  Who made that decision?  Is it more than one person?  What entity holds this protected evidence and findings?   Is it a conspiracy?

            During the early post 9/11 months George W. Bush’s administration was hammering out the “Homeland Security” measures, including the “act,” domestic surveillance policy, and the findings for Iraq WMDs.  As a footnote it probably escapes the news media that your local police department calls hand grenades and legal semi-automatic rifles as WMDs.  Is any of that a conspiracy?

2 thoughts on “Conspiracy – Part 1

  1. In our own backyard, an outsider was brought in to investigate allegations of misconduct in the police dept. Although the process was paid with taxpayer money, the results are being withheld from the public. The news people are all over this, demanding that the freedom on information act be applied. Nada.

    Conspiracy theories are often not just theories. . . .

  2. Yes, that’s the fear some have, that there’s more than what’s being told by government agencies, And the past revelations shows that that is what has transpired with certain older operations whether in the “cold war” years or later. There was a reference I came across in researching for the WW II novel, which had to do with the Bristish government and their operations in the “Far East”. They were helping with us against the Japanese and the Pacific theater. It wasn’t in Burma, but in the Indian Ocean area, and may have been a sensitive issue with India and their other countries. Anyway, it is still a secret to this day.

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