Blog qstn: Where Blog Inspiration comes from?

Mostly to Deborah Luskin, of “LIve to Write” at WordPress…. Thanks for your post. I couldn’t help commenting. I can see how your Vermont regionally “audience” locations make sense. In California, I would like to have that sort of readership down the road. I really was intrigued by your comment about the change of Vermont from Republican to Democratic in nature. If you wrote about that, I have not read it, as I was not connected in this bloggisphere until recently. There are still many of us in central California, and northern California, wondering how the San Francisco Bay area and Los Angeles basin can keep electing legislators who continue driving this once-great-state toward further ruin. But, – to your Vermont history – which I confess much ignorance about – have you had population shifts? And those reasons may be many. I would think that some of the reasons are that the “parties” have shifted. On the entire issue of this question of inspiration for blogs ……… not really an answer but a comment from Mark Twain [Samuel Clemmens] about newspaper editors: “How editors can continue this tremendous labor, this exhausting consumption of brain fiber (for their work is creative, and not a mere mechanical laying up of facts, like reporting), day after day, year after year, is incomprehensible.”

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